Here at Archer Hospitality we are often asked how do we manage to so accurately interpret our client’s vision of a space, and transform that vision into a tangible environment.

The short answer, is a design process that involves our clients every step of the way.

But like all good design, here’s the detail. We start with one-on-one meetings to discuss and understand their needs. There is not a “cookie-cutter” design involved, there’s no off-the-shelf process that suits all – we are yet to meet two clients that have identical requirements, so of course each client requires a customised approach.

But what do we mean by customisation? We can either design and build bespoke furniture or make adjustment to our existing range of products to suit each client’s needs. This could involve anything from as simple as lowering or heightening seats, or more intricate requirements such as creating custom cabinetry or desking.


We have an expansive network of designers that we recommend for our clients to select to work with to achieve their goals. Each designer utilises computer-aided design (CAD) software to create detailed 2D or 3D illustrations displaying the components of the products and spaces thus help bring the original vision to life. These digital drawings are referenced throughout the entire process of the design project from conceptual design to construction or assembly.

These technical plans incorporate all the products that will be used in the final fit-out, each piece handpicked by our team and clients. We only use high quality products, including European-designed chair and table frames that not only provide a premium and timeless look but are designed with a range of hospitality situations and scenarios in mind.

Weaving all the design process, project management and high-quality products together is the mission that the result will make people feel at home whether they are in a  luxury hotel, cafe, restaurant, or other hospitality industry environment.

For example, for our project with Drink Eat Neo, a hidden gem in Queens Arcade in the heart of Auckland City, we worked alongside Interior Designer Jess Blair from Jess Interiors to create the beautiful seating and stunning feature dowel panelling on the bar fronts. All design elements contribute to the atmosphere of a European bistro style with a touch of rustic Swedish flavours in a casual setting. The result was a quirky yet comfortable space with an intimate yet inclusive ambience.