Caring for your furniture is caring for your guests

Oct 1, 2021

It’s important to us at Archer Hospitality that the furniture we provide our customers is functional, aesthetically appealing, and long-lasting. Which is why we are committed to ensuring our furniture is designed with ease of care in mind whether it's simple maintenance of indoor or outdoor timber surfaces, or cleaning of high-pressure laminate surfaces, acrylic surfaces, metal surfaces, stone surfaces, powder coated surfaces, or fabric and leather upholstery.

This is especially important to us and our clients in the current Covid-19 climate, when it’s never been more pressing for hospitality and commercial spaces to ensure that surfaces are clean to keep their guests, staff, and communities safe.
As each piece of furniture has different care requirements based on their material, the team at Archer Hospitality have compiled a handy Product Maintenance & Cleaning Guide to help make caring for our furniture a simpler task, including our new products specifically sourced and designed for shared spaces. The guide recommends best-suited methods to clean and maintain our furniture to keep it hygienic and looking great.

Coffee Club Newmarket Image
From stools, doors, to dining tables, many of the indoor products that we supply to care facilities are produced with melamine-faced surfaces, such as our melamine table tops which are manufactured to a high European standard and come in a large range of colours and sizes, but the special mix of resins used in the melamine table tops provide a highly stable product designed to last the 'wear and tear' and are easy to clean. Whilst soap or detergent can be used for organic stains, we recommended avoiding unnecessary wetting or abrasive cloths and cleaners, instead we suggest cleaning melamine-faced surfaces via regular wipe-downs with a damp soft cloth and then a dry cloth to polish clean – easily integrated into the facilities’ current cleaning practices.

Cleaning Stock image
The same is true when heading outside to our outdoor furniture that not only looks stunning but is built to last the outdoor environments. A perfect example is our Bonassola range featuring coffee table, side table, armchair, dining table, and 2-seater sofa each woven with high quality all-weather Abaco SF Wicker ensuring long lasting comfort and easy care. Outdoor timber is best cleaned with a cloth moistened with water or a mild soapy solution. As with the nature of outdoor furniture, it is exposed to harsher elements than indoor items, especially under the exposure of New Zealand summer sun, so for our solid timber outdoor furniture, we suggest regular oiling with outdoor oil to keep tops looking immaculate.


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