With both hospitality and accommodation, it’s about getting the mood right – and the right furniture sets the right tone. We’ve worked with a range of clients in the hospitality sector throughout New Zealand from luxury hotels, niche cafes, to fine dining restaurants, helping deliver the best possible experience with high quality, comfortable furniture and interiors.

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We achieve this by understanding that no two of our customers are the same. At the heart of the businesses that we work with is people. And as people, their needs are unique - one size doesn’t fit all. Which is why we work closely with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their individual requirements and bring these requirements to ensure our furniture is correct for their staff and their guests.

Through these positive client relationships, we can guide our clients through the entire process to ensure the spaces are styled to perform to guests’ requirements. Whether it’s a relaxing setting for everyone to enjoy, a bold and bright atmosphere, or glamorous luxury that oozes indulgence, careful consideration throughout the process ensures we create a space with the most suitable furniture, colours, layout, atmosphere and other considerations to suit your vibe.

 Designing for a range of guests requires flexibility. For example, we would approach creating a welcoming dining experience that invites all to indulge in the cuisine differently to creating a luxury hotel meeting space for business travellers. We therefore undertake a detailed overview of each of our clients’ requirements to ensure the right products are offered.

Our work with premium restaurant, Aubergine Restaurant, on Auckland’s North Shore focused on delivering a warm ambience. We therefore complemented the natural timbers of the tabletops with the use of aubergine and camel fabrics to inject a pop of colour.


Alternatively, for something a little different our team can work with interior designers, manufacture and supply furniture including bespoke NZ-made pieces, through to importing items specifically for a project. We worked closely with Grand Millennium Auckland to carefully select a range of customised furniture and luxury fabrics to set a standard in style and class. Luxurious elements were teamed with bespoke finishes to complement the sleek surroundings.

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From start to finish, the Archer Hospitality team are there every step of the way to deliver the project on-time, to deadline. We remain in continual communication with our clients and suppliers to fulfil requirements for quality furniture solutions at the right price and on budget. Once we have completed installation, we will remove any rubbish, and set up the space to your specifications, completing the transformation into a space that is ready for your guests to enjoy.